Learn How To Use Subliminal Messages

Published: 16th July 2010
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Before we can address the use of subliminal messaging, we must first have a firm understanding of what subliminal messaging is and the techniques involved to make it work. Subliminal messages are so brief that the conscious mind is not even aware of them. What is even more astounding is the fact that every word we hear and every thing we see enters the conscious mind. This is then immediately passed on to the subconscious mind without any help from us. The reason it happens so easily is that most of the time the message is not interesting enough for the conscious mind to register it much less react to it.

Subliminal messaging is most often used to influence other people. If a message is designed effectively, it can be used to influence the intended audience with the goal being to entice them to believe what is being said or promoted. Once the belief has taken place, the subconscious mind is already well on the way to accepting the message.

Subliminal messaging can be used to improve conditions. For example, when cancer patients are being given chemotherapy treatments, if positive messages are presented though music or via positive reading materials, the subconscious mind will receive positive affirmations and attitude enhancers. This has been proven to affect the outcome the treatment since the mind is focused in accentuating the positive and eliminating negative input. In this context, subliminal messaging is used to relieve stressful thoughts and their associated attitudes.

The national flag of every country is designed to carry a host of subliminal messages. The mere sighting of the flag promotes national pride and positive attitudes in the hearts and minds of its citizens.

There are many ways to learn how to use subliminal messages and they are very easy to master. The first step is to name the goal. Once the goal is named or identified, the next step is to create a subliminal message by writing the goal down using simple, very brief phrasing. In one study, once this was done, the person was instructed to place the message within easy reach of their bedside.

The person was to read the message aloud just before turning off all lights, closing all curtains and doors, and eliminating all other forms of distraction. Step three was to set an alarm clock to ring at some point during the middle of the sleep period. When the alarm sounds, the message is read again, using only a flashlight if necessary to make the reading possible. Step four is to turn off the light, relax and allow the conscious mind to return to the sleep mode.

During this return to sleep mode, the subconscious mind immediately begins to focus on the message and activates the memory bank. Many processes will begin to occur here, most of which are beyond our comprehension. As the subconscious mind processes the new information, it searches the memory bank for various connectors and recall mechanisms to be sent to the conscious mind. Given enough information, at the subliminal level of the mind, a response will be established and the technique of using subliminal messages will have been learnt.

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