Mind Control Countermeasures For The Modern Man

Published: 07th February 2011
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Subliminal power is all about Mind control countermeasures to character, attitudes, and beliefs. These are very powerful method to help improve an individual's lifestyle. This self therapy involves reprogramming the mind to overcome several issues one may need improvement on. These issues include:


Individuals find it very difficult to stop cigarette smoking, taking alcohol or even food addictions. By use of subliminal techniques such as hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation music, individuals are able to have permanent changes which will in turn address emotional issues that that revolve around why they have these addictions. Unlike the meditation music which involves use of positive messages to change mind sets, hypnosis uses commands that one will follow after going through the sessions.

Goal setting and motivation

This is about helping individuals get to their dreams. Binaural beats can be used to attain this. It involves use of two tones that contain different frequencies. These frequencies are then sent to an individual's ears through use of headphones. The two frequencies will them mix and form one beat that will send waves to invoke different thinking ways.

Learning, improving memory and concentration

These aspects can be achieved through use of isochoric tones. The tones use rhymic stimulation to work, whereby the tones are evenly spaced turning on and off at a specified speed. This change in tones invokes, how fast an individual learns, helps to improve memory and helps to improve how long they can maintain concentration or focus.

Public speaking and stress management.

These ones can be obtained through use of affirmations. This is positive statements that are used in line with a person's goal to help them believe that they can actually do it. By saying these statements out loud repeatedly an individual is able to convince the subconscious mind that this actually true and hence once is able to believe in them. A person is supposed to keep their mind in a receptive mental state to achieve this. it is normally done using hypnosis where one falls into a deep sleep but the subconscious mind is able to pick up this affirmations, or during meditation or simply an individual repeats this statements in a relaxing state.

Overcoming grief

Some individuals may find it extremely difficult to let go after losing some one and will grief for so many years without closure. Subliminal power in this case will come into play. Using self hypnosis individuals are put in a relaxed state and commands are given that will help change character and deal with the lose this procedure removes all doubt leaving the mind able to deal with the root of the problems facing them.

Guilt and fear

Guilt and fear can be major barriers for individuals in making their dreams come true. Frequencies known as Solfeggio frequencies are used to deal with these two habits. These frequencies are found in chants especially in religious settings, which affect spiritual matters. These frequencies will change emotional patterns hence helping to facilitate change. This also assists to facilitate change especially in mending of relationships. One is always recommended to get the best Mind control countermeasures when affecting self development tactics.

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