The Phenomenon Of Subliminal Advertising Explained

Published: 06th June 2011
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Subliminal advertising is a very effective method of advertising. It entails the incorporation of subliminal message into an advert. This message is normally received into the consumer's subconscious mind therefore triggering memory at some point. The advertiser then has to hope that this memory will be translated into action therefore causing the consumer to make purchases at some point.

As an advertiser, there are a few factors that you need to consider in order to use this method effectively to reach your consumers. Remember, your objective is to make sales; they don't have to be immediate but you want people to buy your products after seeing the advert.

The first stage in subliminal advertising is research. You need to identify your target market and then carry out an analysis of this market, Find out what kind of language and imagery will trigger different reactions from these people. Then find out which subliminal message you should use to trigger purchase of the product from this market.

For instance, if you are selling a sports car, think about what you would like to be associated with that car. For instance, you can link the car to a gorgeous woman or man. When a man drives past the billboard, he will notice the car and the woman in the advert. This woman would be your subliminal message; she is attractive and therefore appeals to them whether consciously or subconsciously. Later, the man will recall the memory. He will buy the car with the thought of the woman. Buying the car is therefore subconsciously suggested to be a way of attracting gorgeous women.

After reaching on the best subliminal message to use, you have to find out how to effectively place this message in your advert. Remember, the message isn't meant to overshadow the advert or be too obvious. You also need to decide on the best format of the message. It can be in form of an image or a text. Message placement and format are very important in successful subliminal advertising.

Remember, before you use subliminal advertising techniques, you have to consider the legal issues. There are legal boundaries forbidding the use of some subliminal message son grounds of invasion of privacy. You have to be very careful therefore not to cross these boundaries. Ensure you are familiar with the legal restrictions in your region when it comes to subliminal messages.

Apart from the legal restrictions, you also have moral obligations to use the right subliminal messages for the right adverts and consumers. Don't use negative messages as these may be received into the subconscious mind of your consumers.

Subliminal advertising is a very powerful tool. As an advertiser it is important that you learn how to effectively utilize this marketing tool to reach your markets and make sales. However, it is also of paramount importance that you keep the privacy and safety of your consumers in mind. Never exploit them to make good sales. A good marketer can effectively use this marketing technique to make sales without exploiting the consumers in any way.

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